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How Women Can Become Involved in Pheasant Hunting

Hunting has traditionally been a pastime for men.

For decades, men have taken to the field in pursuit of pheasants and other wild game. It's been the way things have been for a long time and as we all know it takes time for things to change.

Well, times are changing and more women are heading out to the field to enjoy pheasant hunting. In fact, women are getting involved in all types of hunting. While the number of men buying hunting licenses is staying flat or falling women hunting licenses have been on the rise. The number of female licenses in South Dakota increased 20% from 2008 to 2010. The number dropped 2% for men. Young female hunters have been on the rise while males have dropped. It's an interesting trend. Hopefully both of the numbers for youth hunters can grow in the future.

Having more women in the field is great news on two fronts.

First, women finally are getting to take part in the great pastime of hunting and second, the sport continues to grow even through difficult economic times. It's great to see that more people are able to enjoy hunting including pheasant hunting.

In the rest of this article we will cover ways women can get involved in pheasant hunting. It's exciting to think that more women will be out in the field this season hunting and hopefully next year even more can be part of the fun.

Let's get started.

Equipment, Licenses and Preparation

One of the issues in the past for women has been the use of high powered shotguns. Heck, for men this can be an issue from time to time.

While most hunters have preferred the 12-gauge shotgun in the past for pheasant hunting there are some great options in lower gauges that are perfect for hunting. Female hunters might find it more enjoyable to use a 20-gauge shotgun for pheasant hunting.

A 20-gauge shotgun can work just as well, but it will have less kick on the shoulder. You can head out to the field with a hunting vest with just a little padding. You won't hardly feel a thing and after an afternoon of shooting you should be feeling just fine.

It's never fun to hurt or be in pain after a hunt. It's about the enjoyment and using the right equipment for your body type is key to making the experience enjoyable. There are even shotguns today that are fine to use in the 12-gauge range that don't have as much kick.

Licenses for all hunters pretty much work the same. There are occasional seasons for youth hunters and female hunters, but the licenses mostly work the same. Licenses are sold for adults and in some cases separately for youth under a certain age requirement, but for females the licensing process is easy. Just go to your local license provider and ask for a pheasant hunting license.

Preparation for the hunting season is key for any hunter. Practice is something that makes perfect for anything in life. Be sure to practice your shooting anytime you can. The reason many hunters practice so often is because they enjoy being outdoors shooting with friends and family. They create little challenges for themselves and even join local shooting leagues. It's all about making the entire experience, practice included, an enjoyable time.

Do as much as you to practice because once you're in the field you'll be safer and the you'll appreciate when you can lock in on a nice pheasant and take it down on the first shot.

Hunting with Family and Friends

One big reason women are getting involved in the outdoors more is because they can spend even more time with their family and friends.

In the past women may have looked on as the men of the family left for a week long hunting trip or maybe took off on Thanksgiving or Christmas for an afternoon hunt in the field. Now it's time for the women to get involved in the events.

Hunting with family and friends is one of the biggest thrills of hunting. You can be with the people you care about most. The hunting is great, but it's the enjoyment of spending time with the people you care about that matters. You can create memories that last a lifetime. You'll have stories to tell for years after even a single year in the woods.

Hunting is about harvesting birds, but remember to enjoy the extra time with family and friends.

Hunting Seasons for Women

More programs today are aimed at increasing the number of female hunters and youth hunters. There are seasons set aside for women to enjoy the time in the field.

In Minnesota, for example, a new program seeks to give women a way to learn about hunting. The program will begin in 2013 and the goal is to continue to break down barriers for women in the hunting industry.

In South Dakota there was a hunting even specifically for women. It's a great event that allows women to get out in the field and enjoy hunting pheasants. Another in Minnesota was held as well. It's a great trend used to introduce more women to hunting.

It's not all about specific seasons and programs, though. Every hunter can enjoy all the hunting throughout the season just the same. It's about building a tradition for family and friends.


Women are starting to get involved in pheasant hunting at an increasing rate. It's great to see women get involved. The sport of hunting will greatly benefit from the increase.

Take advantage of all the opportunities available to female hunters. You can learn how to hunt so the experience is enjoyable and fun. You could even plan a trip for an all female hunting week where you have fun and learn how to hunt.

But it doesn't have to be only a female event. Getting more hunters in the field is about building traditions that can last for generations of hunters. Those are the reasons more hunters are heading to the field and it's great to see more women getting involved.

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