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Pheasant Hunting Season Is Just Around The Corner - Are you in shape?

Getting In Shape now for pheasant hunting season - to avoid pain later.You wake up refreshed, yesterday was the opening day of hunting season. Then you move to get out bed, the leg pain really has you awake now. You say to your self; “What in heavens name caused this!!”

There are several factors that cause this discomfort. The main one is lack of Conditioning. As a wise man once said, “The way to avoid this pain is not to get out of shape.” But it is the nature of a human being to be lazy. If we think we are not going to need something for a while, we don’t do it. If we do it, after a while it becomes a pain in the rear, so we stop.

Exercising is good for the body in many ways. It helps your heart stay healthy, controls your weight to a degree and helps in relieving stress build-up. Not to say your body parts, arms, back and legs all benefit.. Your mental attitude also benefits from your improved well being.

When it comes to Exercising it is what you want to put into it.  You can make it simple or as complex as you want. I don’t mean going to a gym, pumping steel and that sort of stuff. I do simple exercises given to me by a Physical Therapist. The best part is the Internet is full of places that can give you these same exercises. Just pick out the ones you think would help you and do them. You only need to do 10 to 15 of each exercise. As for time 20-30 minutes a work out is all you will need, but at least 5 days week. Don’t expect a week or 2 will give you the muscle conditioning you need. Let me tell of a recent happening.

Last winter in December, I was shoveling snow. Unknown to me there was ice under the snow in places. I hit a patch of ice and fell on my right side, landing on my hip and shoulder. My regular daily exercising took care of my hip. But when the pain didn’t go away in my shoulder and the movement didn’t come back. In February I went to see my Doctor and he sent me to a Therapist. The Therapist gave a series of 6 exercises pulling a piece of special Rubber Tubing. I do 15 times each exercise and that takes me about 10 minutes each daily work out. As first, I did not have the arm strength to control the Rubber Tubing. It was pulling me back to the relaxed start position, I could not guide it back. Mike said, “Give it time, your strength will come.” In a few months, the strength did come, now 7 months later. I have some rock solid arm muscles, That I have not had in many years and can be proud of. But I will continue pulling the tubing, to keep what I have gained.

Do you remember in the movie “Rocky,” when he was in training? He would run a number of miles and at the end, he would run up some stairs in front of a building. He was building his legs. I have also seen football players running the steps of the stadium doing the same thing. As you can see simple exercises over time can do a lot for you. Like the male enhancement commercials state; “make sure you are healthy enough to do strenuous exercises.”

It is a little late for this hunting season, but if you start now you will be in prime shape for 2010 pheasant hunting season. Have a good season and keep it safe and enjoy your hunt.

Article Written By Gamebirdhunts Writer Bob