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Upland Hunting Featured Articles

Grouse Dogs and Hunting TechniquesGrouse Dogs and Grouse Hunting Tactics

The question I get the most from people who want to hunt grouse is, “What kind of dog do I use?” Most people hunt Ruffed Grouse with what they have. I don’t have a breed preference, more of a dog preference. Just because a dog is good on quail doesn’t mean it will be good on grouse.


It's always to best to ask permission to hunt if you don't know the land you are huntingWhen In Doubt Ask Permission

Pheasant hunting is right around the corner. Pheasants Forever (PF) reminds all pheasant hunters to be safe, courteous, and ethical hunters. PF also reminds hunters to ask permission before going onto private land, to review their state's hunting regulations prior to taking to the fields, and to introduce a youngster to the excitement of pheasant hunting.

Choosing Your First ShotgunBeginner Shotguns- Things To Consider When Buying Your First Shotgun

So you have decided to take the plunge and buy a new shotgun. Before going to the gun store, there are many factors to be considered.  Style is the first to be considered. There are four basic styles the Pump, Semi-Automatic. Over and Under and the Side by Side.


A perfect pheasant hunting season starts and ends with great dog work!A good Dog & The Perfect Pheasant Hunting Season

Tony, my Brittany had just finished his 4th season and it was one of the best pheasant seasons. My two sons’ and I have had in many a moon. We got about 40 Pheasants of the 45-season limit for the three of us. The thing I am most proud if is, Tony did not lose one bird. He had just one close encounter.

A Weekend of Grouse HuntingA Weekend of Hunting Grouse With Sean Gulden

Sean showed up late as usual, but he had to drive seven hours to get to my place. So we got a later start. We drove to a mountain 35 miles away to hunt Blue Grouse. Our party consisted of Sean, my oldest son, David, myself, and three German Shorthairs.



The Pheasant flew from under the bush and out over the creek. I swung BANG, SPLASH, in the middle of the creek. I then saw it swimming for the far bank.

Tony, my Brittany was a year old on September 1, 2000; this was the middle of October his first season. He and I were traveling down the highway and I seen a Farmer/Rancher friend of mine. He lets me hunt his land, had a bull out of it’s’ pasture. He was trying to get it back into the pasture. I stopped to give him a helping hand. After we got the bull put away and the fence fixed. We were standing by my SUV drinking coffee from my thermos.

A small hole in the ground can be big trouble for dogs and pheasant hunters alike.A Dangerous Pheasant Hunt

We went over the first hill and down into a small valley between the two hills. Tony is off to my right working hard in the valley. He is acting like there is a bird close by. I kept walking and intently watching Tony. Then it happened!!! How I ruined my 2005 pheasant hunting season


Getting In Shape For Hunting SeasonGetting In Shape For Pheasant Hunting Season

You wake up refreshed, yesterday was the opening day of hunting season. Then you move to get out bed, the leg pain really has you awake now. You say to your self; “What in heavens name caused this!!”  There are several factors that cause this discomfort. The main one is lack of Conditioning.


Take A Kid Hunting - Featured ArticleTaking a Kid Hunting the First Time

Nothing is better than passing on a true tradition and hunting has been a tradition for many friends and families for hundreds of years.



How to Choose the Best Shotgun for Pheasant Hunting

Purchasing a shotgun is not an easy task.  Shotguns can last a lifetime and be past down through the generations.  Make sure you are taking to the field with the best shotgun got pheasant hunting.



How to Properly Plan a North Dakota Pheasant Hunt

For many it’s a rite of passage to hunt in one of the best places for pheasants in the entire world. The Dakotas have long held the distinction for pheasants and even its neighbor South Dakota gets much of the recognition there is still much that North Dakota has to offer.

How to Find the Pheasants in South Dakota

You’ll probably hear arguments for other places, but we all know that South Dakota is known for the best pheasants around. You can find places to hunt all over the state. The natural habitat of the pheasant is better than nearly every other location you could find.

Thousands of resident hunters head out each year to pheasant hunt in South Dakota.

The Best Time of the Year to Hunt Pheasants in South Dakota

This question is common for both residents and nonresidents. Folks that have been hunting pheasants in the state for years - both residents and nonresidents - probably have their preferred time of year for hunting, but conditions can change with each new season.

Each year the South Dakota pheasant hunting season runs from mid to late-October and runs into the first week of January. This season schedules offers plenty of opportunity for pheasant hunters, but if you’re looking for the ideal time to get your one or two hunts in you have a choice to make.

Let’s look at some of the factors that are important for determining the best time of year to hunt pheasants in South Dakota. Hopefully this will help you make the best decision for you this year as you look to fill your limits each day out in the field.

Essential Pheasant Hunting Tips for First Time Hunters

The prospects of hunting pheasants for the first time is exciting, but it can also cause a new hunter to be nervous. Even if you’ve hunted other game before there is a different excitement that comes with pheasant hunting. You could be heading out by yourself, with a parent or with a group of friends. Either way, it’s exciting, but you know that you want to prepare as best you can for the hunt.

Everything You Need to Know About Pheasant Hunting Preserves

South Dakota is basically The Pheasant State.

Residents look forward to hunting the birds each season and outsiders come from all over the world to try their luck at the the beautiful bird. Some people come to the state for annual trips so they’re almost like residents in how they approach the hunts and how much they love the pursuit.

How to Hunt Pheasants in the Snow

When the weather gets bad most hunters head back to the cabin.

For the diehard hunter there is much to enjoy about pheasant hunting in the snow and bad weather. There is an added physical and mental challenge to chasing the birds while the weather takes a turn for the worse.

How to Teach Young Pheasant Hunters

Hunting is a family tradition that often spans generations.

For a son or daughter, there is nothing like spending time with grandparents, parents, siblings and cousins. It’s a great feeling to finally be old enough to participate in the hunt. Kids will often sit around the dinner table during the holidays listening to hunting stories from family members. The excitement to join in builds and builds over the years until the kid is finally old enough to be part of the hunting experience.

How to Properly Clean a Shotgun

For bird hunters the shotgun is the most essential tool.

You might have a particular gun you prefer for bird hunting, but we all agree that having a gun that we love is something we can treasure for a lifetime. There is nothing like that feeling of hitting the field or woods for the first time each year and hitting the mark on a flushed bird.

How to Hunt Pheasants in Cold Weather

We've talked about hunting pheasants in the winter and cold before.

But there is more to be covered. Specifically we're going to look at one of the big changes in the way pheasants survive the cold winter months.

How to Plan Your Daily Pheasant Hunting Trips

Pheasant hunters have different routines for getting ready for a hunting trip.

There are some similarities, though, for getting up the morning of the hunt and preparing for a day out in the field. It's something to think about because if you're really going after the birds it can be a challenging day.

How to Release Quail in a Field Habitat to Hunt

Quail have been tough to come by throughout the US for a few years.

During the down years it can be frustrating to head out to the field to chase a few birds.

How to Hunt Pheasants On Your Own

When most people discuss pheasant hunting they refer to group pheasant hunting.

So many of the trips you hear about involve groups of hunters that head out on a large party hunting adventure.

How Women Can Become Involved in Pheasant Hunting

Hunting has traditionally been a pastime for men.

For decades, men have taken to the field in pursuit of pheasants and other wild game. It's been the way things have been for a long time and as we all know it takes time for things to change.

Tips for Late Season Pheasant Hunting in the Snow

We're getting into the late season for pheasant hunting in most states.

It's been an interesting year across the plains and into the West. In South Dakota the birds have been good with a few parties have really good luck out there.

How to Choose the Best Shotgun for Pheasant Hunting

There are a few items necessary for effective pheasant hunting.

First on the list is a cunning ability to outsmart the birds in their own habitat. As any hunter will attest this is no easy task. Nothing makes up for experience in the field to learn the nuances of how birds react.

Cooking Pheasant: A Complete Guide for Wild Pheasant Hunters

We talk a lot about hunting pheasant here on the site, but it’s time we focus on what happens after the hunt.

Dressing the birds and preparing them to eat is a major part of the pheasant experience. The birds have long been sought after treats and for centuries people have been preparing them for feasts.