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Grouse Hunting Resources

Learn more about hunting grouse by clicking on the links below:

Grouse Dogs and Hunting Techniques

Grouse Dogs and Grouse Hunting Tactics

The question I get the most from people who want to hunt grouse is, “What kind of dog do I use?” Most people hunt Ruffed Grouse with what they have. I don’t have a breed preference, more of a dog preference. Just because a dog is good on quail doesn’t mean it will be good on grouse.

A Weekend of Grouse HuntingA Weekend of Hunting Grouse With Sean Gulden

Sean showed up late as usual, but he had to drive seven hours to get to my place. So we got a later start. We drove to a mountain 35 miles away to hunt Blue Grouse. Our party consisted of Sean, my oldest son, David, myself, and three German Shorthairs.


Outwitted By A Grouse AgainOutwitted again
Two theories on why grouse are such great escape artists

For those of us ruffed grouse hunters who do not shoot grouse particularly well, and I am one of those poor souls, we can at least take comfort in thinking we understand their habits.


Grouse Hunting TipsGrouse Hunting Tips

Ruffed Grouse are the king of all game birds, and sometimes (I mean most of the time) the most challenging. So here are a few tips and techniques that I use and that work well for me.



Getting Started Grouse HuntingGetting Started Grouse Hunting

For those of us that have discovered the excitement of hunting ruffed grouse in the Upper Midwest, the temptation is to focus on the next piece of upland equipment… a slick over/under, maybe a sturdier pair of boots or briar chaps. As outdoorsmen and women, we know this feeling all too well. A half hour with the latest Cabelas or LL Bean catalog can leave even the thriftiest sportsman with an urge to buy unnecessary gear.



First Grouse Hunt over new dogsOscar and Juan’s First Grouse Hunt Over New Dogs

After all of the planning and training, September 4 finally arrive. Juan showed up from Tri Cities with Oscar and Oscar’s nephew, Alex. It was Juan’s first hunt with a new dog and new gun, and Oscar was going to hunt over his new dog, too, so the weekend was going to be filled with new experiences.

How to Create a Ruffed Grouse Hunting Haven on Your Property

Ruffed grouse hunting is a tradition in many areas around the US.

For some hunters their first memories are grouse hunting with dad, mom or maybe a grandparent. Those are some special times when you can get out in the woods and do some walking with someone you care about.