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Pheasant Hunting and Sporting Clays News is your online source for hunting & shooting news. All of our news is organized by US state to make it easy for you to quickly find the Pheasant Hunting News that is of interest to you! Click on the link below to browse your states upland hunting news or use the search box above! If you have a hunting story you would like to submit please use this link:


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Entries for November 2015

Pheasants Forever biologists and game managers have been assessing conditions to make predictions for the coming pheasant season. As many game bird biologists will remind you, the long term prospects for pheasant hunting heavily depends on good grassland habitat.

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It is coming up to the main hunting season across the United States and this can only mean one thing: youth hunting opportunities are also coming up. There are going to be numerous opportunities this year for young hunters, aged 15 or under, to experience the thrill of pheasant or small game hunting.

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The US Department of Agriculture has recently approved crop insurance coverage for winter wheat, in all of South Dakota’s counties. This is certainly going to be a good move for pheasant and other small game hunters.

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Soon the time will come when the 2015 pheasant hunting season will open. Many hunters from across South Dakota and elsewhere in the world are eagerly awaiting the season opener.

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It all started as a college class assignment but the result was a new successful business for the Roseland rank in Seneca, South Dakota.

The family managed ranch was a stop on the tour of livestock operations by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents’, as part of their Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement conference in the state during mid July.

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Klamath Falls is going to get a population boost this hunting season with another year of commercially raised pheasants being released into the wild courtesy of Unlimited Pheasants. The birds will have been raised as chicks for a five or six week period before they are let loose into the wild according to the group.

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Pheasant hunters in Nebraska are going to reap the benefits of the recent drought this fall with more pheasants.

Results from the annual April survey of rural mail carriers, have shown that there has been a large increase in the number of ring-necked pheasant populations across the state. According to the figures, the numbers could have risen as high as 143% from last year.

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The last pheasant hunting season in Kansas was good for hunters but this year could be even better. Many farmers are stating that they have never seen so many young pheasants as they have recently.

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