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Pheasant season to run into February

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

By Wayne Daniels - Columnist
Well, Pheasant season is here and I am excited.

I received a letter from Patti Cahoon with Cahoon’s Pheasant Club in Escalon and she said they opened Oct. 16. There season will run through Feb. 6.

Patti said there are a few changes for this year. First, each and every hunter or guest must sign a release agreement and have it on file at the club house before entering the fields. If you are a junior hunter, you must have a parent or guardian sign the release. Check-in times must be before 7:30 a.m. for the morning session and 12:30 p.m. for the afternoon session and blaze orange (either a hat or a vest) is required at all times when in the fields. If you call and reserve a field and are running late, the field will not be held unless you call and tell the club house that you are running late and will still be there. Also, all hunters and their guest must attend a short mandatory orientation before being released into the fields.

Patti also asked that no children be left unattended either at the clubhouse or in the fields. If you do take a child into the field, they are not allowed at carry or shoot a BB gun in the fields or in the parking lot and do not let them walk back to the clubhouse alone.

It is important to call the ranch house number (838-6088) to make your reservations as the reservations are coming in and the morning sessions are starting to filling up fast so don’t wait too long. When you make your reservations, indicate the hunt date you want and either a.m. or p.m. session, how many hunters you will have and how many birds you want. Patti said they will have a 50 percent pre-punch card on all released birds until Jan. 1, then it is 100 percent pre-punch. If you are planning on making out of the turkey shoot weekends, limit your hunt to one session so that the entire membership will be able to participate.

If you are wondering about rain of fog, the policy is as follows. Hunts will be conducted in sprinkles or light rain. Heavy rain or lighting storms are subject to decision by Dave Cahoon to call the hunt.

The club can not release birds into fields until there is 1/4-mile visibility. If the fog does not lift by 10 a.m., the hunt will be canceled.

Be advised there is a new policy on free roaming. Now that they are releasing a definite number of birds to each party, free-roaming has been modified. Stay in your own field for two hours after release, then if you wish to free-roam, call or come by the clubhouse to find out which fields are clear. You will be listed as going to that field and no other party Will be permitted to go there until you sign out of that property. Dave said hopefully this will alleviate some bad feelings about hunters moving into your field before you have gotten all of your birds.

For your information, the clubhouse is located 2 1/2 miles north of Escalon on Escalon-Bellota Road. The phone number at the club house is 209-838-6233. For all reservations, call 209-838-6085.

For you pheasant hunters who like to stay a little closer to home, the Stockton Sportsmen's Club will be holding their coop-pheasant hunts starting on the first day of the season. Sign-ups will be on McMullen Rd, 1/2 miles West of Airport Way. When it gets a little closer, I will give you their phone number and hours of operation.

If you are one of the hardy few who look forward to the Albacore run each year, the best advise I can give you would be to hang your equip.m.ent back on the wall and take up knitting. This year will go down as the year of the no-shows. Most of the fish that same this way were so far out that it would have taken two days just to get to them.

Now if you don't knitting, the salmon are moving up the rivers. There are reports of good fish at Vierra's and Wimpy's. The hot lures have been Blue Fox, Silvertron, wiggle warts and T-35 flatfish in bright colors. Last week I attended a meeting of the Stockton chapter of the Striped Bass Association and had a very good time. Chuck with CK Guide Trips gave a talk in salmon fishing in our area and I learned a lot. As most of you know, then the salmon enter the river systems, they stop eating. Chuck said salmon have about a three feet sphere around them and if anything ennto the water. The flatfish will act like a sinker and take the fine down and the spinner will to trailing about it. If you let out enough line, the flatfish will go to the bottom where the fish are. Larry King gave me a little tip. If you want to see if your flatfish is getting the bottom, take a mark-o-lot and mark the leading edge of the bill on the flatfish. If it is bumping on the bottom, then you bring it up, the making will be gone,

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