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It’s great news for South Dakota pheasant hunters.

In a report released recently the pheasant count is expected to be up 18% in 2012 from last season. That’s a huge increase and proves that things have indeed been better in the area compared to previous seasons. 

The mild winter and good spring weather likely contributed to the increase in the birds on the ground. It’s a good sign for residents in the South Dakota area and for the many hunters that travel to the state every year to hunt the state’s most popular species of upland bird.

Our analysis indicated that counts should be up in most areas across the country including South Dakota. The reports are now starting to confirm that analysis including the South Dakota report, which looked at bird counts from just this past week or so.

One factor that made this year interesting across the nation and in South Dakota was the issue of the drought. Record temperatures have played havoc with most of the US throughout the summer. It’s been difficult on people and on everything in nature too including the pheasant population. It’s not unrealistic to think that this year’s pheasant population would have been even better if not for the difficult summer.

If you’re keeping close track of the numbers this year’s counts look good compared to last year or the previous year. However, when compared to record years like that of 2007 this year’s population is down significantly.

While hunters should enjoy a good year of hunting in the state they should still expect average number of birds in most areas. The weather during the season also plays an important role of how hunters will fare with their success.

Are you seeing any population differences from the previous years?

Report back here with your own observations. We’d love to hear what you’re seeing out there first hand. Share your insights with the other readers here at Game Bird Hunts.

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