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The hunting season is nearly here.

Are you in shape?

There was a good reminder from Doug Leier in The Dickinson Press in North Dakota about getting in hunting shape. Every year hunters find themselves trying to get ready for the season, but every year we seem to find more reasons to avoid doing more than previous years.

There are some good basic mentions in the article including basic stretching and walking. These are things you should do all year round anyway, but they prepare you for the hunting season.

As we get older our bodies start to lose their flexibility so it’s good to stretch every day. Don’t be afraid to try something like yoga. It’s great for working your leg muscles. Have you ever tried the downward facing dog? It’s nearly impossible for most people yet it works the muscles and ligaments around your knees. A few weeks of this stretch and you’ll be prepared for any kind of walking out there in the field.

Walking mixed with high intensity sprinting will do wonders for your body too. Many hunters get tired while walking out in the field. This occurs because your heart is in no condition for the change in activity. For most of the year we might get little to no exercise and then hunting season hits and we expect ourselves to pick up right where we left off. Train your heart for this year’s hunt.

Nutrition is also important. Focus on cutting back on the sugar and carbs. Fats and proteins are good for you body. Training yourself to use fat instead of carbs as fuel will give you better stamina in the field. Those long walks will take their toll so make sure you’re using the right fuel while also staying hydrated with plenty of pure water.

There is nothing you can do to get into hunting shape, but starting a little workout routine now will help you in the long run as hunting season nears. It’s also football season and you’ll often hear players and coaches talking about players being in good shape versus football shape. There is also hunting shape for hunters. You can stretch and sprint, but you can’t plan for the rough walks in the field.

It’s still good to do all you can to prepare, though. Get to work on that routine and prepare yourself to spend more hours in the field to give yourself the best chance to harvest those birds while hunting in North Dakota this season.

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