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By now the reports are coming in that the news is official.

The California Department of Fish and Game is no longer in existence. Well, to be clear the organization will still be around, but the name will change.

The organization, which has had the same name for 60 years, will now be known as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The name changes gives a broader meaning to the department and likely means it will have broader reaching powers in the future. That thought has some reacting negatively to the news about the change.

There are a couple of main concerns over the name change. On the surface it would seem that this is just a name, but thought went into the change and the department feels that they need to have a vision for the future and that includes all wildlife and not just game.

The first potential concern is that the department will infringe upon other areas of the wildlife outside of just game. This could mean more regular and more restraint on certain activities that generate income for people living and working in California. While it is unknown what those changes might be in the future there is a concern over more involvement from the department.

The second concern is that a broader scope of responsibility will lessen the organizations ability to protect the fish and game. Just looking after the good nature of the fish and game population is difficult. By bringing in the entire wildlife classification there will be much more responsibility and resources will be spread even thinner.

Also, it is not known how regulation and training could be effected.  Will the California hunter safety course become more difficult to pass and obtain licenses?

It should be noted that this change is not new. The organization in California added game at one point and other similar organizations across the US use the wildlife name while others even use a broader term like natural resources.

Any change is met with resistance. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the hunting in the state of California and if it will have an impact on the bird hunting in the state. Birds have always been game, but even birds that are not part of the hunting may now be part of the wildlife designation.

Stay tuned.

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