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South Dakota has been stealing a lot of the headlines lately with experts having reported a 64% drop in their pheasant population this year. But what’s happening with their neighbors to the north?

Unfortunately, North Dakota isn’t faring much better. According to the state’s Game and Fish Department, the total number of pheasants across the state are down 30% from last year.

Stan Kohn, North Dakota upland game management supervisor, comments that, “A poor production this spring has resulted in fewer young birds added to the population and a lower fall population in all areas of the state.”

Kohn attributes the down year to a wet spring and a loss of habitat. Like South Dakota, Iowa and many other states, the North Dakota landscape continues to change and adapt to economic pressures. Many types of grassland have been converted to croplands, and there has been an increase in the amount of row crops like alfalfa and corn.

While there has been a 30% drop across the state, Kohn assures hunters that there will still be local areas with strong populations. Here’s a rundown of what each region of North Dakota can expect.


  • Pheasant population down 25% compared to a year ago

  • Number of broods down 22%

  • Observers counted 126 birds per 100 survey miles

  • Average brood size: 5.8


  • Pheasant population down 43% compared to a year ago

  • Number of broods down 42%

  • Observers counted 49 birds per 100 miles

  • Average brood size: 5.9


  • Pheasant population down 39% compared to a year ago

  • Number of broods down 32%

  • Observers counted 48 birds per 100 miles

  • Average brood size: 5.5


  • Pheasant population down 32% compared to a year ago

  • Number of broods down 33%

  • Observers counted only 7 birds per 100 miles

  • Average brood size: 4.7

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