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There isn’t a turkey hunter out there who hasn’t had that unfortunate moment when they’ve been hunting a turkey for a while only to make the wrong move at the last second and their quarry suddenly disappears. Usually this happens when turkey hunters are inexperienced, but even those hunters with many seasons under their belt can suffer unfortunate failures.

Turkeys can also make it difficult for hunters. While they normally hang around in large noisy groups that are easy to track, they are not completely indefensive. They have almost supernatural hearing. At times they are able to hear the snick of the safety catch on a shotgun being disengaged from about 20 yards away.

Their eyesight isn’t bad either. They can normally catch sight of a camouflaged hunter who has moved slightly from as far away as 40 yards.

When a male turkey does discover a hunter stalking them, the same routine is followed. The turkey will usually raise its head quickly, looking directly at the hunter. Then they will sound out a couple of alarm calls before turning tail and vanishing.

This can be very frustrating for hunters who put a lot of effort into their hunting. Yet, despite offers for help, long term hunters are not looking for creative ways to stalk and be successful. They accept that sometimes their quarry will be able to escape.

Part of the problem is that the area where the hunter and turkey meet is home to many other animals and these can interfere with the hunt, giving warning to the turkey. It is also possible that the animals can be distracting to the turkeys, giving the hunter a better chance of bagging their turkey. And it is this uncertainty that makes turkey hunting so good.

Do you go turkey hunting? What do you like about hunting?

Let us know in the comments below.

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