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With pheasants becoming scarcer thanks to the reduction in their habitats, many hunters aren’t having the luck when they go to the fields. This has led some hunting experts to provide their advice on hunting. So what are these tips?

Gun Choice

While many hunters prefer a 20-gauge shotgun for pheasant hunting, experts state that either a 12 or 16 gauge will suffice for the job. In addition, when it comes to the size of shot, numbers 4, 5 or 6 will be effective enough to knock down any bird. These size shots have effect ranges of up to 60 yards.


You need to be careful when choosing ammunition. In some areas lead is not permitted. Also, if you are required to use steel, then using the larger number 4 shot is the recommended size. As the steel shot has a less powerful knockdown, it is also recommended that you limit your shots to under 50 yards.

Dogs Are A Benefit

As many good hunters will tell you, having a dog with you on the hunt is a great asset. They will help you to find and retrieve birds that you come across in the fields. A good bird dog is also more agile and smaller than you and so can get into the thick cover that you cannot.

However, if you want a good hunting dog you have to be patient. It takes a lot of time to train a good dog to be ready for the field. And then, after training, they will need to regularly practice their art.

Flushing Pheasants

When hunting, it is best to be with at least one other hunter. This way, you can spread yourselves out and cover a larger area of a field. This will drive more birds out as they won’t flush unless they’ve run out of cover.

To this end, it is recommended that before working a field, look over the terrain and identify clearings and open spaces. These are the areas that birds will take to the air from and so driving them that way is the best option.

What are your hunting tips? How have your hunting trips been this season?

Let us know in the comments below.

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