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While they may not have the appeal of South or North Dakota, there are other states where hunting pheasants is still available for all. Hunting in Wisconsin is still available and it is not just pheasants: turkeys are also on the hunter radars.

Wisconsin ranks among the top 10 places to hunt pheasants yearly. Between 200,000 and 250,000 birds are harvested every year in the state. That is despite the bird population not seeing any growth in the past decade.

In fact, over the recent years, the population has either been steady or declining. Most of the blame has been placed on the loss to the Federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands; although, there is some blame to be placed on the general decline of pheasant habitat.

Wisconsin pheasant populations do have some relief however. Experts in the state admit that pheasant numbers would be much lower if it wasn’t for the local grassroots efforts by conservation groups like Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited. There have also been some mild winters recently (except 2014) that have helped the popular game bird to survive the colder months.

But there are now only scattered pockets of wild pheasants in Rock, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Walworth, Jefferson, Dane, Sauk, Columbia, Winnebago, Fond du Lac, Dodge, Price, and Rusk Counties. These counties all have public hunting grounds and some areas remain enrolled within the CRP.

To help hunters, the state has also released birds into hunting lands. This year saw an unusually high number of birds released with 75,000 making it to the fields of the state. These were released over 89 public hunting grounds.

This season is almost over as it ends at the end of December but up until the end of the season, hunters are permitted to shoot two roosters per day as long as you have the required small game license and pheasant stamp. Consult your 2015 Small Game Hunting book for any specific regulations and rules to your local hunting area.

Have you got any late year hunting plans? What are your hopes for the remainder of the season?

Let us know in the comments below.

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