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There is no better place than South Dakota for pheasant hunting. That’s what Bob Gwizdz from the Lansing State Journal has recently stated online.

Gwizdz’s claim comes after a hunting trip with English Setter Rub.

Despite the early miss of a pheasant, when the rooster flushed unpressured too far away and before Gwizdz could get into the field, there was ample opportunity to hunt. The next chance for the pair came moments later when a hen flushed right by Gwizdz’s feet. Leaving that bird alone, there was a repeat of the first rooster. This time the hunter was able to hit home.

As Gwizdz said afterwards, “The bird folded up neatly and Rub was on it like a candidate on an uncommitted convention delegate.”

That was the start of a great hunting day, although for the hunter it did appear uneven.

The pair were joined by Al Stewart and his son Chris. Al Steward killed a bird before Gwizdz was able to harvest a second bird. Stewart’s second and third bird came after that and he reached his harvest limit first.

At this point Gwizdz started to have trouble when Rub sat down and decided he had had enough. Gwizdz stated that this has happened on occasion over the last few years. While he looks to be hypoglycemic, the vet has told Gwizdz that he is not and that a rather unusual treatment of feeding him gummi bears will work.

Somehow this treatment does the trick and within 10 minutes of the treat, the dog is back on its feet and ready to go. A few minutes later he pointed in some tall grass and Gwizdz was able to bag himself his third pheasant on the day.

This is the 15th year that Gwizdz has gone to South Dakota for hunting and admits that it is pheasant hunting heaven. There is very little that would stop him from going to his favorite hunting spot.

What is your favorite spot for pheasant hunting? What would you do to get there?

Let us know in the comments below.

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