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Bowhunt set for Grenada Lake
For the seventh year, Grenada Lake Quail Management Area will be the site of an archery hunt. The North end of the lake will be the area that will be used. The special hunt will take place from October 1, 2004 through January 31, 2005. Interested hunters may begin registering on September 8, 2004 at the Grenada Lake Ranger Station or anytime during the hunt. However, all hunters MUST register prior to hunting.
The objective of this hunt is to reduce the doe population and to gather data pertaining to the deer herd. The population needs to be reduced to in order to minimize the habitat degradation. To accomplish this objective, a doe must be harvested and registered at the Grenada Lake Ranger Station prior to harvesting a buck.

For more information regarding these regulations on the special hunt contact Sam Marter, at 226-6090-Ext 110 or Kevin May at 226-5911- Ext 216.

All Federal, State, and Local laws will be adhered to.

We appreciate the interest that we've received in the past with this important wildlife management effort and we wish for every hunter a safe and successful hunt at Grenada Lake, Park Manager, Don Gober said.

1. The use of ATV's will be limited to the removing of harvested deer from the area.
2. Deer may be taken with archery equipment only.

3. You must complete all information on the sign-in sheet located at the Grenada Lake Ranger Station prior to hunting.

4. Permanent type tree stands are prohibited. Climbing type stands or portable ladders are permissible.

5. Either sex deer may be harvested, however, a doe must be harvested prior to harvesting a buck. Hunters MUST abide by Condition #9 .

6. Display your permit on the driver's side dashboard of your vehicle and keep your Hunter ID with you at all times.

7. Grenada Lake Rangers will monitor the area each day. If you have questions, feel free to contact one of them.

8. Hunt safely and enjoy your visit to Grenada Lake. We appreciate your interest in this important wildlife management effort.

9. Hunter MUST report all required information listed on the Hunter Bag Report concerning harvested deer to personnel at the Ranger Station. This data is very important to us and will be used in preparing future hunts.

More rules
1. No alcoholic beverages allowed. Violators will be expelled.
2. All rules of hunter safety shall be observed. Only archery equipment will be allowed during the entire hunting period.

3. It shall be illegal to construct or hunt from any permanent stands or blinds. Destroying, defacing, cutting, driving nails into or otherwise damaging any standing live tree, natural feature or plant is prohibited.

4. All persons under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied at all times by an adult, at least 21 years of age, who is responsible for the minor's actions.

5. The use of organized drivers and standees in which drivers make noises by shouting, whistling, or any noise making device is prohibited.

6. No dogs will be allowed on the area during the hunt.

7. The use of ATV's will be allowed only for the removal of harvested deer. Hunting from any motorized vehicle is illegal. Access to the hunting areas will be by foot traffic only. (Exceptions based on disability with required proof)

8. No bait or feed is allowed on the area at any time.

9. Upon harvesting a deer, the Hunter Bag Report attached to the jawbone MUST be returned to the Grenada Lake Field Office.

10. Hunters MUST hunt in accordance with state laws. In addition to a hunting permit, all hunters must obtain a User Information Card.

Before hunting the card must be filled out by each hunter and kept with them at all times for ID purposes as hunting will be monitored.

©The Daily Sentinel Star 2004

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