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Dad Delivers Baby on Hunting Trip
Sep. 10, 2004
Sam Penrod Reporting

Every kindergartner would love to be able to boast to classmates he was born a month early, in a pickup truck and dad had to be the doctor, getting instructions on the delivery from 9-1-1. Well it's a true story a new Brigham City baby will someday be able to tell.

Hunter Ball is now one week old and weighs just five pounds, nine ounces. Last Friday morning he had a big surprise for his parents.

Jennifer Ball: "I have an emergency, I'm in labor and I think I'm having my baby."

Jennifer Ball was with her husband Jason in the mountains of Central Utah when she suddenly went into labor. She had her doctor's permission because Hunter wasn't due for five more weeks.

Jennifer Ball, New Mom: "The baby's coming, the baby's coming and I told my husband to pull over and he said no we're almost there, we're almost at the hospital."

They drove to where they got cell phone coverage and called 9-1-1. That's when dispatcher Trudi Huntsman told Jason what to do.

Dispatcher, Trudi Huntsman: "Are there towels or blankets in there to wrap the baby in, in case it comes right now?” Jason Ball: “It's coming.” Dispatcher: “You can see the head, right?” Jason Ball: “Yes, I can see the head."

Dispatcher: "Is he out now?” Jason Ball: "Yes, he's out.” Dispatcher: Is the baby crying and breathing?” Jason Ball: “Yes he's crying, he's breathing!” Dispatcher: “Jason you did a good job, okay.” Jason Ball: "Holy cow!"

Jason Ball, Hunter's Dad: "That's when the ambulance pulled up, and the EMT came over and I let him take over, you were relieved, I was relieved, I was glad to see them, thankful they got there so fast."

As for Hunter, his parents plan to fill him in some day on all of the people who missed a good night's sleep, to accommodate his early arrival.

Hunter's parents named him that for several reasons. First, they were out hunting, then the dispatcher who talked his dad through the delivery's last name is Huntsman and the sheriff's deputy on scene's last name is Hunt, so they say Hunter was meant to be.

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Jason Ball
# Jason Ball
Sunday, September 13, 2009 3:59 PM
Hunter is now five years old and doing great.

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