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TWRA is now leasing dove fields from landowners for its Public Dove Field Program. TWRA biologists and wildlife officers are currently signing up landowners who will have grain/silage fields harvested by mid-August.

Landowners can earn $1,600 to $2,600 for leasing dove hunting rights on these fields and making them available for a minimum of three hunt dates in September.
TWRA began its leased dove field program in the late 1980s and the program has been very successful in providing quality-hunting opportunities for hunters.
Mourning doves are one of the most widely distributed and abundant birds in North America. Mourning doves are also a popular game bird being hunted in 36 of the lower 48 states, and more individuals are harvested than all other migratory bird species combined. In Tennessee about 111,110 hunters harvested more than 2 million mourning doves last year.
TWRA is currently leasing two types of fields for dove hunting this fall. The standard fall leased field is a harvested grain or hay field to which TWRA leases the hunting rights for three or more dove hunts in September. Rates paid to landowners for traditional fall leased fields will be $40 per acre for a maximum field size of 40 acres for a total contract of $1,600 per field.
Improved silage fields are harvested silage fields with some additional grain left to provide additional grain to attract doves. TWRA will lease 40-acre harvested corn silage fields for $40 per acre (up to $1,600). The farmer will also be paid $1,000 to leave four acres of grain to be mowed in the field. Total maximum payment per improved silage contract is $2,600 per field. The farmer will cut or mow the standing corn two weeks prior to the opening day of dove season (as directed by the Regional Small Game Biologist).
For more information contact TWRA Region I - Jackson (800) 372-3928. TWRA Region II - Nashville (800) 624-7406. TWRA Region III - Crossville (800) 262-6704. TWRA Region IV - Morristown (800) 332-0900.

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