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Pheasant season brings family and friends together for exciting and fun memories, and the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department offers some reminders to make sure all hunters have safe and legal outings.

1. The daily limit for pheasants is three, with a possession limit of 15; however a hunter cannot possess 15 [BN1] pheasants until after the fifth day of the season.

1. It is illegal to allow a firearm to protrude from a motor vehicle or conveyance attached to it while on a public highway during the hunting season. This includes hunters riding to and from fields in the back of pickups.

1. It is illegal to shoot from a motor vehicle, including an ATV while hunting pheasants. This also includes hunters riding in the back of pickups to and from fields.

1. When riding in an ATV, firearms must be completely enclosed in cases and unloaded. Landowners on their own land and those who have concealed pistol permits and carrying pistols are exempt from this provision.

1. It is illegal to shoot pheasants and other small game from ATVs, except for properly permitted disabled hunters.

1. When small-game animals, such as pheasants, are lawfully shot from road rights-of-way and fall onto private land, those animals may be retrieved by unarmed hunters.

1. Don't forget your license. While hunting, you must be in possession of your hunting license; those 16 and older must also have a valid form of identification for the purpose of verifying identity.

8. The use of nontoxic shot for small game is required on most public lands, but not all. Lead shot is not required on U.S. Forest Service National Grasslands, state school lands or on most GFP-managed and leased properties designated at Walk-In Areas when hunting small game, such as pheasants or grouse.

10. Respect the land, landowners, and people in your hunting group.

11. Safety and enjoyment of friends and the outdoors leads to a successful hunt.

12. Leave your vehicle and your cares behind. Take the perfect walk in nature.




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