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Transporting Gamebirds

Requirements For Transporting Harvested Pheasants and other Game Birds in South Dakota

PIERRE, S.D. - State Game, Fish and Parks officials remind hunters that no game birds may be possessed, placed in public storage, transported or accepted for shipment unless certain minimum plumage requirements are met.

Regional Law Enforcement Specialist Dale Gates of Pierre said current plumage regulations clearly define minimum legal plumage requirements for packaging, storing and/or transporting game birds.

"Waterfowl must have an attached, fully feathered wing or attached head," he said. "Pheasants and grouse must have either the head, fully feathered wing or a foot attached. All other game birds must have either the head or a fully feathered wing attached."

In addition, officers often encounter situations where numerous game birds have been frozen together in a single package, making it impossible to properly identify the number, species and if applicable, sex of the birds without taking time to thaw the contents of the package.

"The number of game birds that can be frozen together in a package is limited to no more than two," Gates said. "This reasonable requirement helps to aid in the prompt identification of species and sex. It will also prove more convenient for both the officer and the public by facilitating the inspection process."

He also noted that this requirement is similar to the current rule for fish, which limits the number of frozen fish fillets to no more than two fillets per package.

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