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Your First Upland Bird Hunt- What To Expect and What to Bring

What To Bring On Your First Pheasant Hunting TripJuan Urbina’s First Hunt

In two weeks, my brother-in-law will be here for his first hunt over his newly trained dog and fresh out of the box Benelli Nova 20 gauge. Yes, he’s been out one other time, but now he’s going to do it for real.

It’s been a year of planning. First came the Griffon pup that I picked for him out of one of my litters. First we had to get it by my sister, that’s why we chose a Griffon for him. They are easy keepers and not too high strung for rural or city living. The there was 11 months of talk on guns. I had to help him decide what brand, what gauge, and what type. After all of the gun talk, he bought a Benelli Nova 20 ga., that retails for $329.00. Not a cheaply made gun, but a good first gun. During all of this, we had to get Chili (the Griffon pup) trained. That where I came in. I gave my brother-in-law homework, then I would get the dog back or go up to visit and see how the training was going. While the pup was in training here, my brother-in-law had been practicing his shooting at the range.

With not a lot of time left, we were down to choosing clothes an boots. He bought a pair of chaps to keep away water and thorns, a nice blaze orange vest so that he can be seen, an a pair of Danner boots with Gore-Tex to keep his feet dry. He went a size big so that all he has to do is put on extra socks if it gets colder. Of course, he took a hunter safety course at age 35 and had to buy miscellaneous things like long underwear, but all in all it’s been a blast getting him ready. He’s like one of my little kids on their first hunt and I know it’s going to be fun.

Things Needed for a Typical Upland Hunt

  • Blaze orange hat and vest
  • Waterproof boots
  • Brush pants or chaps (optional)
  •  Long underwear in case it gets cold
  • Sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt
  • Jacket
  • Snacks you can carry with you
  • Water, even if it’s cold outside
  • Gun
  • Extra socks
  • Shotgun shells
  • Take a hunter safety course

Article By Professional Dog Trainer Ed Hall

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