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The Upland Bird Hunters Library -

The what where when how and why of upland game birds and upland hunting in North America.

Does the thrill of a big ringneck pheasant busting from the grass makes your heart thump? Dose a covey of quail exploding into the air give you chills? Is the thunder of the grouse wing your thing? This section of the website is designed to give you a good overview of the different species of bird that make up the upland game bird family. We will cover everything from equipment to cleaning your birds. Please bookmark this section and check back often as we plan to continue to add information on a weekly basis. Happy Hunting!

Upland Hunting Product Reviews Upland Hunting Product Reviews: Highlights the most up to date and high-tech products hitting stores in '06.  From dog collars to shooting glasses, we have everything you'll need to make this season a very successful one.
Types of Pheasants Pheasant Types: Information about North America's three most common types of pheasant; the Chinese Ringneck, Melinistic Mutant, and the Manchurian Ringneck.  Pictures and important biological information give you all you need to know about your favorite game.
Pheasant Hunting Techniques Pheasant Hunting Techniques: Details the most common and most effective techniques thousands of game bird hunters use each year to bag birds and enjoy their hunts as much as possible.  Brush up on these techniques and you'll be bagging more pheasants than ever.
Types of Partridge Partridge Types: Information on the Hungarian and Chukar Redleg partridge; the two most common partridge types in North america.  Learn biological information and even where these great birds can most commonly be found.
Partridge Hunting Techniques Partridge Hunting Techniques: Helpful tips on how to more affectively hunt the Hungarian partridge.  Includes a brief detail on when and where partridge hunting started. Whether you hunt late season when the snow falls, or you like to get out early, make your next partridge hunt a more sucessful one.
Ask Permission To Hunt Pheasants Ask Permission: Pheasants Forever talks about the importance of being a safe and knowledgable hunter.  When you or a hunting partner is in doubt of whether or not the land you are to hunt is public or private, ask permission from local landowners to assure you're hunting experience is as enjoyable as possible.
Transporting Harvested Game Birds Transporting Harvested Game Birds: Briefly outlines the regulations and guidelines of South Dakota's laws on transporting downed game birds.  Also gives information on the amount of birds allowed in any one freezer at any time. 
Rules and regulations for transporting a gun on a plane

Flying with a Gun: The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, and the Transportation Securtiy Administration want to inform travelers of the guidelines and restrictions of carrying firearms on commercial planes.  If you are a hunter that is planning on flying with a firearm, this article is for you. Blog- The pheasant hunters blog Blog: A link to the great blog at From new ways to cook your delicious harvest, to tips and tricks from fellow enthusiasts, you can almost find anything or get any question answered very quickly here.  Visit today to become a better hunter. 

Pheasant Season Outlooks Current & Past Pheasant Season Outlooks Current & Past: The outlook of upcoming and past pheasant and partridge seasons is here.  Get excited about the upcoming season to see what the season has in store, or compare this season to those in the past. 
Patterening Your Shotgun Patterning A Shotgun:   7 tips and tricks from the Wild Turkey Federation on (WTF) becoming a better shotgunner.  From patterns, to chokes and everything in between, the WTF aids you in choosing the correct shotgun this season.
Pheasant and shotgun- Learn How to take more pheasants Pheasant Hunting 101: Some great basic tips for the first time pheasant hunter.  Topics discussed include habitat, hunting techniques and more.



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