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Picking A Good Dove Shotgun

How do you pick a good dove gun? Well all shotguns are kinda expensive today as prices have risen on just about everything. Most dove hunters see to do with one shotgun, and it also doubles for most other game that is hunted with a shotgun.

I see more Remington 870 12 gauge pump shotguns in the field more than anything, simply due to the fact that the Remington is in fact the Great American Shotgun. But if you’re like me and have a shotgun for everyday of the week and every hunting situation, for dove hunting on a hot September day, the word “light” 20 gauges is the cat’s meow.

There are so many good companies that make light twenty gauge shotguns at just about any reasonable price range that the sky is the limit. Funny thing is that a highly expensive shotgun in the field will not perform any better than a standard variety.

As we like to say at the Range, “It ain’t the arrow it’s the Indian.” So it really doesn’t matter what you pack in the dove field because as long as you practice and be safe, chance are you will come home with a limit for a good gumbo. Pass it on.