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 What is a Shotgun Choke and What Does It Do?

Many people ask me exactly what is a shotgun choke and what does it do. So think of a nozzle on the end of a garden hose. If you open it up the water will come out in a wide area spray but it won’t go too far.

If you tighten the nozzle the water will come out of the hose in a long straight stream and travel a longer distance. The shotgun choke acts about the same way with a string of bird shot or buck shot coming out of the end of the barrel.

The Improved Cylinder

For the hunter the Improved Cylinder Choke is used up close when hunting bobwhite quail, and gives a wide open pattern to hit a close in flying bird. A modified choke is the medium choke, used a lot by rabbit hunters and dove hunters.

The Full Choke

The Full choke is used by long range hunters for duck geese and squirrels with a range of about 50 yards.

 The Super Fall Turkey Choke

The Super Full turkey chokes take the choke down in diameter in a standard barrel from .700 all the way down to .640 in a special order. This is used mainly for turkey hunting and the gun must be aimed like a rifle because the pattern is so tight there is little scatter effect.   Pass it on.

If you purchase new chokes for your gun be sure to spend some time patterning your shotgun before you hit the field.