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Sporting Clays Courses-

Sporting Clays is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world! Often called "Golf with a shotgun!" This shotgun sport is quickly becoming a family favorite! To find a sporting clays course near you please click on the map or links below:

What Is Sporting Clays

So what is sporting clays anyway?

Sporting Clays is a shotgun and clay target shooting game that uses a series of stations typically arranged around a course. It is often described as "Golf with a shotgun" as each group of shooters moves from station to station trying to break the most clays. Unlike traditional trap and skeet shooting, each station on a sporting clay course is often unique. Often courses are set up to imitate real life bird hunting scenarios. On one station you could be shooting a "rabbit" (A clay pigeon that rolls along the ground) and on the next station you could be shooting a pair of springing teal (Two clays launched straight up in the air). It is also typical practice at sporting clay courses for the course to be changed slightly from week to week so if you shoot regularly over the course of a few months you will experience a large number of different angles and velocities. Again, the idea behind sporting clays is to imitate actual hunting conditions.


Top Sporting Clay shooters average around 80% to 85% hit rate as compared to professional trap and skeet shooters 100% break rate. Most sporting clay courses will consist of eight to twelve different stations and most stations launch two pair at a time. During a typical round of sporting clays it is not uncommon for a shooter to shoot up to 50 or even 100 rounds of shells.

At each station there is typically a sign telling the shooters what to expect for example one station may be crossing pairs meaning that two clays are thrown at the same time and will cross in the air, while another sign may indicate that the station is a reporting pair where one clay is thrown followed by a second clay after the launcher hears the first shot.

If you would like to learn more about sporting clays please visit our sporting clays forum. Here you can talk with other shooters and learn more about the sport of sporting clays. You can also click on the map links above or the text links below to find a sporting clays course near you. What better way to learn then to get out and try it for yourself. One word of warning however, sporting clays is a highly addictive activity.

View some sporting clay pictures at our new picture gallery.

If you would know of a Sporting Clay Club or location you would like to see added to our directory please follow this link to suggest a sporting clay location.



Sporting Clay Pictures

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Look close for the target in the air.  M & M is a great course.
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