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Season Updates And Outlooks

2017 Pheasant Hunting Season Outlook 

The year dating back to Fall 2012 has been one of the most unique on record for states in the Northeast, Midwest and West. Dating back to the fall season we saw mild temperatures that continued throughout the winter season where temperatures were some of the warmest on record especially in the Midwest. 

The snowfall was also on the light side compared to other years in recent history. Many areas across the US saw less snowfall than the previous winter, which was one of the most dreary in terms of snowfall. Predictions were pointing to one heavy snowfall throughout winter in what was supposed to be one of the wettest on record. Things didn’t work out that way and it was to the benefit of the pheasant population.

These factors throughout the fall and winter lined things up for a great pheasant hunting season in 2014. Everything has been point toward a good bird hatch in the spring, which seems to have taken place. If you have been out you may have already noticed the good signs of a mild and dry winter.

However, the recent summers have brought a lack of moisture to much of the US.

Much of the grass and underbrush have been thirst for water . It’s making it difficult on the hatchlings and pheasants since the grasses are their main source of hiding. As the drought continues throughout the US the difficulties will continue for the pheasant population across most of the country.

If drought conditions will persist throughout the upcoming year.   While this will take a toll on the grasses and brush in some areas there will still be much to look forward to this season.


Last year was a fairly good one for pheasant hunting in California. There were reports of quality hunting in various parts of the state along with some mixed bag reports on the public land. California has had a pretty typical weather pattern this year and things shouldn’t change much for the pheasant hunters.

The outlook is good and should be similar to what occurred last season. Head out with family and friends and be sure to bring the dog if you’ve got one. There is always good hunting out in California and 2012 looks like it will be another good season.

Season Dates: November 9th, 2013 through December 23rd, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 2 per day for first two days, 3 per day after the first two days

Possession Limit: Double Daily Bag Limit


It has been a difficult summer for Colorado. Fires have ripped through parts of the state bringing national attention along with many stories of difficulty in various aspects of life. For the hunters there should be some pheasants available for the hunting season.

There have been three to four pretty good seasons of pheasant hunting in Colorado. That could change slightly this year, but there is still reason to believe for some good hunting out there. The mild winter helped with the populations and should help offset some of the issues with drought and fire that occurred this summer. The quality of the hunting will vary by location.

Depending on where you plan to hunt the pheasants could be good to poor.

Season Dates: November 10th, 2012 through January 31st, 2013 east of I-25 and through January 6th, 2013 west of I-25

Daily Bag Limit: 3

Possession Limit: 9


There has been emphasis put on upland birds in Idaho. Through a federal program farmers and landowners are encouraged to save land that benefits pheasants. There has been some research done in the area that shows how pheasants don’t often live past their first year in the wild.

The struggle for the birds has been avoiding predators and there are plenty of predators in Idaho. With the new initiatives the hunters in the field should find more birds in the future.

There are still people wondering how pheasant hunting will be in Idaho for 2012. The nesting season has been extremely wet throughout the region and it will in theory make it difficult for the pheasant population. the last couple seasons have been so-so for pheasant hunters. The diverse land in Idaho proves good for pheasants in select areas, but the past winters have been difficult. That has stayed the same for the most part over the last year.

Those winter conditions with the wet nesting season lead to an average outlook for pheasants in Idaho in 2012.

Area 1 (North)

No Seasons.

Area 2 (East)

Season Dates: October 19th, 2013 through November 30th, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 6

Area 3 (West)

Season Dates: October 19th, 2013 through December 31st, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 6


So far the pheasant hatches have been on schedule. The mild winter was helpful for the pheasants on the ground and should prove well for the pheasants heading into the new season. It’s been a hot and sweltering summer, but expect things to be average to above average in the state this year.

While hunter participation has been up in the last couple years things are expected to change slightly. The expectation this year is for a slight decrease, but that might change depending on how the weather turns out this fall. If things are good it’s likely more hunters will be in the field.

Season Dates: November 2nd, 2012 through January 8th, 2013 (North) or January 15th, 2013 (South)

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 6


Last season the numbers were down for the pheasant population, but the mild winter and wet spring led to some good hatching habitat for the pheasants in Indiana. It should be a little better than last year for the pheasant hunters as it is for many hunters across the US this season.

Areas of the state that were good last year such as the Northwest section should be solid again this year. Other areas of the state should see improvement this year. There have been reports from bordering states that show good hatching conditions and all is looking for a better year than last year and maybe on par with seasons in the past.

Season Dates: November 8th, 2013 through December 22nd, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 4


The Iowa pheasant season is looking up for 2012. There have been strong indications from the state DNR and surveys that the counts are well above last year. That’s good news for hunters looking for a better season across the Hawkeye State.

The last few years have been difficult in Iowa for pheasant hunters. Numbers have been low and there hasn’t been much to look forward to for hunters in the field. That should change some this year with large increases in bird populations, but even with increases the numbers are still down from historic highs and averages. It’s good to be optimistic and it should be a good season, but nothing extraordinary.

Season Dates: October 29th, 2012 through January 10th, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 3

Possession Limit: 12


Kansas is right in the middle of the plains drought this summer. There have been reports of extreme heat and difficulties all summer and things appear to be getting worse. The fall season can’t come fast enough in this part of the country.

The last two seasons have been great for the Jayhawks, though, and even with the heat this should be another good one and possible one for the record books. The mild winter combined with a pretty good spring in terms of weather should lead to a strong pheasant population.

There are reports in some areas of the state where populations are down a bit. The hunting won’t be good throughout the state, but on average should be another good year.

Season Dates: November 9th, 2013 through January 31st, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 4


The conditions have been strong through the winter and the spring in Michigan. Much like neighboring states the winter was mild for the most part with a favorable spring season also. The summer months have been hot and difficult with grasses dying off, but the pheasant population should be strong for pheasant hunters in Michigan this season.

Organizations like Pheasants Forever have been focusing on improving the landscape and habitat for pheasants in the state. With more emphasis on making the state better for pheasants along with the mild winter conditions hunters should expect good things this year and hopefully in the future for pheasant hunting in Michigan.

Season Dates: Varies by Zone

Zone 1

Season Dates: October 10th, 2013 through October 31st, 2013

Zone 2

Season Dates: October 20th, 2013 through November 14th, 2013

Zone 3

Season Dates: December 1st, 2013 through January 1st, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 4


The soft winter that happened across much of the nation last year was great for all animals including pheasants in Minnesota. The outlook is neutral to positive heading into the new pheasant hunting season in the state. The spring continued to see good weather for pheasants and the summer started off dry with more rain coming on lately in July. It’s been a good year for pheasant habitat and that is good for hunters in the state.

Early sightings of pheasants have been good depending on the location and the timing. Some reports suggest strong broods of young pheasants, which shows a good habitat for the young birds. It should be a good hunting season in Minnesota and potentially a good few seasons for the state if the good conditions continue with mild winters and warm spring seasons. The pheasant hunting season of 2012 is looking better than last year at this point.

Season Dates: October 12th, 2013 through January 1st, 2014

Daily Bag Limit:

Possession Limit: 


Pheasant hunting in Missouri has been difficult the past few years. There has been a dropping population where the hunting was normally good in the northern part of the state. The number of hunters have also continued to decline over the years as the birds have not found the proper habitat to thrive.

Things should be slightly better than the last few years. Iowa has been having a good outlook this season and Missouri should benefit from the mild winter. Despite the drought season there has been some positive signs for the pheasants, but again there is nothing special to write about for the Missouri outlook.

Northern Zone

Season Dates: November 1st, 2013 through January 15th, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 4

Southeast Zone

Season Dates: December 1st, 2013 through December 12th, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 1

Possession Limit: 1


Last year was a bit of a downer for pheasant hunters in Montana. The pheasant population is something that fluctuates and last season was definitely a year where things were down, but heading into the new season things are looking slightly better.

The winter was certainly more mild than the previous year, which bodes well for all game in the state. The spring has been wet and the summer has been hot, but there should still be more pheasants in the fields this year compared to last year. It might not be an average year in Montana for pheasants, but things will be better than last year, which should get more hunters out in the field harvesting more birds.

Carefully watch through the end of the summer and into fall. Continued dryness can negatively impact the population, but if you’re planning your hunt you should expect better conditions than last season.

Season Dates: October 6th, 2012 through January 1st, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 3

Possession Limit: 9


Last year was a mixed bag for Nebraska pheasant hunters. There were reports of success, but the prior winter did some damage in the state. This year there has been a turnaround as has been the case across neighboring states. The outlook is positive for pheasant hunters in Nebraska.

The mild winter and calm spring made conditions ideal for pheasant hatching. There should be a good group of new pheasants added to the population this year. As is the case in other states the dry summer could lead to some trouble for pheasants, but the overall feeling is that 2012 will be a quality hunting season bordering on average to above average.

Season Dates: October 26th, 2013 through January 31st, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 3

Possession Limit: 12


The mild winter has been good to the pheasants in the area and for other upland birds. The season was mild in New York and even though there were some cold and wet days late in the spring there is still much to look forward to for the upcoming pheasant season.

As mentioned in last year’s forecast, the ongoing efforts to restore upland bird habitat continues in the state things should improve for the pheasant population. Wild birds continue to increase in the state and the outlook is good with the weather that’s been going on for the last nine months.

Season dates and bag limits are varied

North Dakota

Hunters experienced a great year in North Dakota last season. Harvest numbers were up from previous years. Hunters were able to bag more birds per hunter and the good weather contributed to more days in the field. It was a great year in 2011 and the signs are pointing to another solid year in store for North Dakota pheasant hunter.

Numbers were actually down in terms of birds from 2010 to 2011. The increase in the days hunters could be in the field is what made it possible for the harvest numbers. Just as with the rest of the country things have been good in North Dakota through the winter and spring. Weather conditions should contribute to an increase in the number of birds in the state this season depending on how the summer drought plays out. The hunting conditions should be at least above average.

Season Dates: October 13th, 2012 through January 6th, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 3

Possession Limit: 12


The Midwest had a light snowfall and relatively mild winter this past year. This weather made things good for the critters and Ohio was one of the benefitting states. The winter was good and the spring was even better as rainfall was at a normal level allowing birds ample time to recover from winter and prepare for the upcoming season.

Summer was a different story. Drought and heat have been rampant throughout the US and that’s how things worked out in Ohio. There have also been some substantial storms in Ohio this summer. Some have been borderline disasters in some areas and that has taken a toll on the wildlife.

The last couple years have been just alright in Ohio. This year should produce a good pheasant hunting harvest in comparison to previous years. There probably won’t be any records broken this year, but it will be an enjoyable season as the Ohio DNR has even worked to stock the wild population in years past.

Season Dates: November 1st, 2013 through January 5th, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 


Oklahoma has been under intense stress this summer. There were some 64 heat records broken in July alone and that made it difficult on a variety of outdoor industries. The farmers have been having a tough time. Wildfires raged and the wildlife struggled.

The winter and spring months were good for the pheasant population, but some of that good has been offset by the intense heat and moderate disaster in the state over the summer months. There have been cooler temperatures of late, but things have been difficult.

In the areas where pheasants have been alright in recent years things should be strong again. It all depends on how the various areas have been affected by the summer weather. If your area survived the pheasants should actually be better than the last few years.

Season Dates: December 1st, 2013 through January 31st, 2014 (see specific area restrictions)

Daily Bag Limit:

Possession Limit:


Last season showed a decrease in the abundance index for pheasants in Oregon. This killed the trend that was increasing for the previous few years. So if you were noticing a lack of birds last year that is the official report. Things should be a little better in 2012.

The last two seasons have been difficult for Oregon pheasant hunters. The numbers have been less than impressive and the birds really haven’t been there for the taking anyway. Wet conditions have plagued the area in the last few fall seasons. This all might change in 2012, though. The outlook is up for most upland birds in the area. It could be a modestly good season in the Northwest.

Season Dates: October 6th, 2013 through December 31st, 2012

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 8


Pheasants have been thriving in areas of Pennsylvania this summer! That’s great news for pheasant hunters as the new season brings promise for a great harvest.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been working with landowners to put portions of the land into protected areas to make sure the natural habitat is prime for a variety of animals including pheasants. There have even been efforts to make sure pheasants specifically thrive and the efforts appear to have worked in some areas.

There has been stocking in the past few years to bring back the population, which has basically not been wild for years. The signs are good and even with a few hiccups in the weather over the past 12 months things are looking good. The winter was relatively mild as was the spring.

Things should be good in PA this year.

Season Dates: October 26th, 2013 through November 30th, 2013 (see regulations for more specific dates)

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 4

South Dakota

South Dakota benefited from the mild winter that took place across much of the upper plains and the Midwest. It was a great winter for the pheasant population, which led to a great nesting spring for the upland birds. Cover and grasses have been doing well throughout the spring and summer. It was a solid start to the population in spring 2012.

There has not been much rain in South Dakota this summer. In fact, the drought is worsening across the state and those conditions are expected to continue for the rest of the summer and into the fall season. The lack of moisture could threaten the bird population, but so far things are appear to not be too bad. It looks like an average to above average season in terms of bird population. From here on out it depends on the persistent drought conditions and the weather this Fall and Winter that may or may not allow hunters to spend time in the field.

Season Dates: October 19th, 2013 through January 5th, 2014

Daily Bag Limit: 3

Possession Limit: 15


Last year was a pretty good season for pheasant hunters. The drought season in the summer of 2011 led to some difficult conditions for the birds in the panhandle area where hunting is allowed. Hunters still harvested quite a few birds as compared to other seasons.

Last winter was more mild than previous years in the Texas area where pheasant hunting occurs. This bodes well for pheasant hunters this year. The mild winter allowed the critters in the area to thrive.

The difficult part of the weather is the heat and the drought this summer in Texas. The plains and much of the US have had record breaking heat this summer and it’s been difficult on the crops including the underbrush and grasses that make the best habitat for the pheasant population.

Much like other states across the US the pheasant season should be good and better than last year in Texas. The outlook is strong, but it’s a relative outlook compared to previous seasons and now a record breaking outlook.

Season Dates: December 7th, 2013 through December 5th, 2014 (see available counties)

Daily Bag Limit:

Possession Limit: 


The winter was good for the upland birds in Utah. The mild winter in the wet spring led to strong breeding yet the difficult summer has offset some of that. The chance of wildfire in certain areas has also been a damper on the pheasant population this year.

The season should be pretty good. Last year was an average year for pheasants in Utah and 2012 should be similar depending on how the rest of the summer and early fall turns out. Much depends on the weather. The birds were off to a good start earlier in the year and there are still plenty that made it through the difficult summer.

Season Dates: November 3rd, 2012 through December 2nd, 2012 (see variations and details)

Daily Bag Limit: 2

Possession Limit: 6


The Washington State DNR has been working to improve the pheasant population for years. There are release programs in each of the sections of the state. While there was a slight decrease in the harvest a couple years ago things have been looking good for the upcoming year. Depending on how the weather turns for the hunting season hunters could see more birds than last year.

The wet spring and surprisingly pleasant summer have led to great conditions for all upland birds in the state. Hunters should expect a good pheasant hunt this year if the weather cooperates. The population should be up from previous seasons.

Season Dates: Varies by location and age of hunter

Daily Bag Limit: Varied

Possession Limit: Varied


Pheasant hunting has been a struggle in Wisconsin for years. The numbers have been down due to strong winters, but this past winter finally relented and there were mild temperatures. This should lead to some better hunting this season although it will likely be a below average year compared to many years in the past.

The state DNR has been stocking pheasants for many seasons and that continues this year. If the good weather continues into the fall the hunting should be better than in past years. The summer has been difficult with drought and hot weather, but that shouldn’t be enough to harm the majority of the birds already in the wild that carry over from last year.

Season Dates: October 19th, 2013 through December 31st, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: One rooster daily on Oct. 19–20; Two roosters daily for the remainder of season

Possession Limit: Twice the daily bag limit


Wyoming was another state that benefitted from a mild winter. This should lead to some good numbers of this year’s population. However, the difficult winters of the previous three seasons have taken their toll on the adult bird population.

This year should be better than the last few in the state for pheasant hunting and the upcoming years should be even better if the winters are mild like they were in 2011-12. The summer has been hot and there have been the usual fires, but nothing should make things difficult on the birds.

The pheasant hunting outlook is good in Wyoming for 2012.

Season Dates: Varies by section

Daily Bag Limit: Varied

Possession Limit: Varied


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