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Game Preserves In Wisconsin

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About Preserves

Wisconsin game preserves offer sportsmen and women opportunities to hunt game in safe, controlled environments. Preserve operators strive to maintain hunting cover that holds up in the harsh Wisconsin weather. Hunting areas are set up to avoid overcrowding and the associated risk of shooting accidents that may occur on uncontrolled public hunting grounds.

Game preserves allow hunters an extended hunting season with bag limits determined by the hunter. Most preserves do not require hunting licenses, depending on the game being harvested. Guided hunts with experienced dog handlers and well trained dogs are normally available. Some preserves offer hunting opportunities for waterfowl and small or large game.

Many preserves offer year round opportunities with live birds for training young dogs or just to keep experienced dogs tuned up for the hunting season. Some preserves host dog trial and tournament events. Professional dog trainers are available at many preserves.

Game preserves also offer excellent opportunities for businesses to entertain clients or reward employees for a job well done. Preserve amenities often include clubhouses that vary anywhere from a ‘shack out back’ to full blown facilities with food service, bars, locker rooms, meeting areas and/or overnight accommodations.

Other amenities may include sporting clays, shooting ranges, 3D archery courses, harvested bird cleaning, gun cleaning and pro shops stocked with hunting goods, apparel and professionally prepared game foods.

Finding a preserve that meets your needs should be easy.


What Does It Cost To Hunt On A Hunting Preserve?

That depends on how much hunting you want. Some hunting preserved charge a set fee for game birds released; others charge for half-day or full-day hunts. In either case, fees will vary somewhat from preserve to preserve. Most preserves charge a minimum fee per hunter or hunting party. Extra services, such as clay target shooting and/or dressing game birds, will add to the charges.

But one thing is for sure: a day on a hunting preserve is likely to cost no more money than a so-called "free hunt" and will certainly cost much less time. Today, most sportsmen spend a great deal of time, money and effort just hunting for hunting - and what they find is often disappointing.

Wherever you live in Wisconsin, there is a good hunting preserve within easy driving distance. If you are a typical hunter without landowner contracts, that preserve may be the most practical (and in the long run, the cheapest) way to spend a day afield with a dog, gun, and game birds.

Try a hunting preserve. Your search for good hunting will be over.

What To Expect On A Hunting Preserve

For starters, a warm welcome. You are a valued customer, and your host will do everything he can to provide a safe, enjoyable hunt.

You can expect the area to look like good hunting country with a rich blend of natural and planted cover. The game birds will be mature, full-plumaged, strong flyers and of the same color and conformation as their wild counterparts.

There will be experienced guides and will trained hunting dogs available, or on many preserves you can use your own dog if you wish.

Like shopping for a new suit, you may have to shop around for the preserve that fits your tastes and desires.

Whether you're a youngster dreaming of your first real bird hunt with that new shotgun or a seasoned hunter longing for a red-letter day of good dog-work and flighty birds, you will find it on a Wisconsin hunting preserve.